hypnosis and nlp

Improve your golf performance!

Develop your game with mental conditioning tools, such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis!

Whether you are a professional, amateur, or beginner, this is the quickest, most proven way to get relaxed and play in the zone.

You can lower your handicap, while having more fun on the links than ever before.


The techniques you’ll learn during a typical session will give you the right mental attitude to relax, focus inward, and visualize success every time you walk onto the golf course.

These skills build your self-confidence and help you thrive under pressure. You’ll think like a champion, and consistently improve your scores.

You may not play like Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods immediately, but these tools will train you to achieve your goals and reach your personal best on every stroke.


  • Recommended by top sports psychologists for every athlete, especially golfers
  • Utilizes relaxation and guided imagery at differing levels of awareness

  • Helps you master the mind game of golf - from many different aspects

  • Gets you in the zone quickly and effectively

  • Helps you achieve peak performance

  • Teaches you to approach scoring situations with confidence and consistency

  • Quickly helps you lower your handicap

  • Learn techniques that will enable you easily let go of poor performance fear

  • Play better under pressure - in tournaments or important games

  • Enhance your ability to select the right club


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Package of three one hour individual sessions utilizing NLP, hypnosis and other performance enhancing techniques: $295

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