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Stop Smoking
"Tobacco No More!"

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Most clients find they can easily become free
from the urge to smoke with 1-2 individual sessions.

  • Tired of gums, patches and cold turkey stop smoking attempts? 

  • Do you hate the way you smell? 

  • Do you worry about your health and the effect of your smoking on your family members? 

  • Do you hate throwing away hundreds of dollars every month on cigarettes?

Using hypnosis to help you EASILY give up smoking is probably the most effective uses of hypnosis.

So after just a short time, you'll easily and effortlessly become a non-smoker. 


Dr. Tim Brunson has had years of clinical experience helping clients, such as you, easily embrace a life free from smoking. His Stop Smoking Sessions have been developed using cutting edge techniques.

Initial individual session: 1 1/2 hours - $100

Follow up sessions: 1 hour - $100

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Do you want to quit smoking RIGHT NOW? Dr. Tim's "Smoking No More" Instant Download or CD will motivate you to quit smoking for good! You'll start living a healthier life starting TODAY!



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